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Home Decor Tips – Yes You Can Decorate with Pink

If you, like many people, believe that pink is a colour that should never be used in a home decor scheme for anything other than a baby’s nursery or a little girl’s bedroom then it might be time for you to think again. While it is certainly true that if you use pink in the … Continue Reading

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Buying a Fixer Upper – The Importance of a Home Inspection

Almost every house hunter will come across at least one property that has tons of potential, but definitely needs work. If the property reflects that fact, and is being offered for a ‘bargain’ price taking on a ‘fixer upper’ can be a tempting idea. But there is a lot to consider before doing so. How … Continue Reading

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DIY Videos – Back Garden Outdoor Shower

Following on from our Outdoor Shower post, we found this video which offers an idea for a simple, but functional, plan to build your own outdoor shower relatively easily and inexpensively. Related posts: Great New Landscaping Ideas – An Outdoor Shower One Simple Trick to Maintaining a Clean Shower Without Scrubbing Outdoor Solar Lighting Basics … Continue Reading

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Is Corian the Right Choice for Your Home?

There are a great many different counter top materials for homeowners to choose from when renovating or remodeling their kitchen. Corian is one of the more popular of those choices. What is Corian? Corian is a synthetic resin countertop material that was created, and is sold, by Dupont. It can be created in almost any … Continue Reading

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Dorm Room Ideas – Functional and Stylish Decoration for Any Budget

The average dorm room is not usually a very exciting place to look at when you first bring your belongings in. Little more than a box in most cases, home sweet home is usually not quite what it is at all. And although you are rather limited in what you can do to change that … Continue Reading

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You Can Sell Your Own House – But You Have To Be Smart About It

Finding the right person to sell your house can be a long drawn out process that doesn’t give you the control that you always want to have.  These days many people are starting to take control and selling their own homes and not using real estate agents.  Not only does it give you that full … Continue Reading

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Using Technology to Help With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Design

If you are considering kitchen cabinet refacing as an alternative to kitchen cabinet replacement to upgrade the look of your kitchen space then design is a very important consideration and in fact kitchen cabinet refacing design is not something to be taken lightly. The challenge for many homeowners though is that seeing replacement doors and … Continue Reading

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Simple Recipe Ideas for the Budding Fire Pit Chef

A fire pit can be a great addition to the average back yard, both for practical and decorative purposes. One of the great uses you can put a fire pit to is to prepare some rather delicious food. The one thing that may surprise you is that not only can you whip up an impressive menu to … Continue Reading

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Why You Need a Dehumidifier for Your Home

There are a number of reasons why keeping a dehumidifer in your home is a good idea. People do tend to overlook them though, worrying more about air conditioners, fans and heaters but there are several things that only a good dehumidifier can do for you: Drying Out a Damp Room Any home can suffer … Continue Reading

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Spicing Up a Room with Red

Lots of people probably would not consider red as a colour that they would even consider using in large amounts for their home décor. For many of us the introduction of such a bright, vivid color would overpower us and be just a little too much to actually have to live with on a daily … Continue Reading

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