Easy, Affordable Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Giving your bathroom a facelift and staying within a limited budget is not only possible, it is simple if you plan carefully, are willing to shop around and have some time to invest in doing the some of the work on your own. As a matter of fact, you can have the bathroom of your … Continue Reading

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Rethinking Your Dream Remodeling Ideas Can Make Them Affordable

Actually remodeling any space in your home as opposed to just redecorating can be an expensive prospect and for that reason it is one that a lot of people delay and delay until they feel that they can really afford to make the home improvements they feel their home needs. There are though some home … Continue Reading

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Beautiful Shower Inspirations for Your Bathroom Remodel

The idea behind a bathroom remodel – or even a bathroom addition – is that it not only improves the function of the space but its appearance as well. As the shower is such an important part of any bathroom it is certainly one of the elements that is probably due for an overhaul bit before you … Continue Reading

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Getting Fresh, Clean and Tasty Drinking Water with a Water Purifier

The sole purpose of a water purifier of any kind is to remove contaminants from water the flows into a home that is to be used for drinking or cooking purposes. Although they all serve the same basic function, there are in fact a number of different types of water purifier that can be used … Continue Reading

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Easy French Style Bathroom Decorating Tips

There really are all kinds of home decor styles you could choose for any room in your home and that doors include the bathroom. All too often people forget that it is a space – especially since it is such a well used area of your home – that deserves to be styled like any … Continue Reading

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Is Corian the Right Choice for Your Home?

There are a great many different counter top materials for homeowners to choose from when renovating or remodeling their kitchen. Corian is one of the more popular of those choices. What is Corian? Corian is a synthetic resin countertop material that was created, and is sold, by Dupont. It can be created in almost any … Continue Reading

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Infographic – Interesting Facts About Showers

How interesting can a simple shower really be? Quite, according to this little infographic. For instance, did you know that the Aussies are the second cleanest people in the world? No,  neither did we!   Related posts: Infographic – How Outdoor Improvements Increase the Value of Your Home Infographic – Selling Furniture Via the Classifieds … Continue Reading

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Great Reasons to Choose Laminate Countertops for Your Bathroom

Mention laminate countertops to most people and the first thing that will spring to mind for them is the kitchen. Laminate countertops for the kitchen are a great choice indeed. They are a relatively inexpensive option, can be made to mimic almost any other countertop material and are durable and easy to take care of. … Continue Reading

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DIY Tricks to Unblock a Toilet

A blocked toilet is, lets be honest, one of the worst plumbing problems to have. Especially if it is later at night or on the weekend when the problem is discovered, times when a good plumber can be hard (and very expensive) to come by. The first thing that every homeowner tries is a good … Continue Reading

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10 Minute Bathroom Updates That Can Transform Your Space

Although remodeling the bathroom is the second most popular home improvement project homeowners undertake worldwide (the first being redoing the kitchen) a full scale bathroom remodel is far from the cheapest thing in the world. there are some things you can do though that are relatively easy and inexpensive that can help liven up your … Continue Reading

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