What to Keep in Mind When Kitchen Counter Top Shopping

When you are remodeling a kitchen the counter tops that you choose probably – together with the kitchen cabinets – have the biggest impact on the overall look and function of the space when the work is completed. Therefore it is very important that a lot of thought go into just which of the many … Continue Reading

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Using Crown Molding, Coffered Ceilings and Chair Rails to Give a Boring Room Personality

  The one problem with the overall design of many modern new homes is that they are simply rather plain and somewhat lacking in character. If you are into stark modernism that may be great, but if not, you may be looking for ways to give a newer space a little bit of its own … Continue Reading

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Rethinking Your Dream Remodeling Ideas Can Make Them Affordable

Actually remodeling any space in your home as opposed to just redecorating can be an expensive prospect and for that reason it is one that a lot of people delay and delay until they feel that they can really afford to make the home improvements they feel their home needs. There are though some home … Continue Reading

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Kitchen Choices: Cabinet Refacing – Painting May Be an Alternative

For many homeowners the one project around the home that they would love to get off the ground is a makeover for their kitchen. people spend so much time there these days – hanging out as well as cooking – that the fact that they would want to space to look as nice as possible … Continue Reading

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Kitchen Choices: Are Butcher Block Countertops Right for You?

Wooden countertops have always been in vogue for their rustic look and aesthetic appeal. The modern butcher block was used in the meat industry where the butchers used tree rounds as chopping boards. These chopping boards are now finding space in homes as well, with them being personalized and tailor-made to your specifications. The one … Continue Reading

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Kitchen Choices – The Classic Appeal of Copper Countertops Explained

If someone were to mention metal counter tops to you your mind would probably immediately think of stainless steel countertops, the kind you see in commercial kitchens as well as very contemporary residential kitchens. There are other options though and one of the oldest – and most beautiful – are copper counter tops. Copper Countertops … Continue Reading

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Great Reasons to Consider a Basement Kitchen

For those even considering a basement remodel there are lots of uses that they can choose from when it comes to the uses of the actual finished space. A home office, a casual den, a basement bar and an increasingly popular choice among homeowners, a basement kitchen. Why Add a Basement Kitchen? As almost every … Continue Reading

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Should You Hire a Professional to Install New Kitchen Counter Tops or Do – It – Yourself?

With so many options for kitchen countertops to choose from these days how can you possibly decide which is right option for you to use in your kitchen remodel? And should you try to install them yourself (after all it looks easy on those home shows) or call in a professional kitchen counter top installer … Continue Reading

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Getting Fresh, Clean and Tasty Drinking Water with a Water Purifier

The sole purpose of a water purifier of any kind is to remove contaminants from water the flows into a home that is to be used for drinking or cooking purposes. Although they all serve the same basic function, there are in fact a number of different types of water purifier that can be used … Continue Reading

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Understanding Prefabricated Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most beautiful, durable and in some cases eco friendly choice (it depends how it is quarried) that you can make if you are shopping for new countertops for use in your kitchen or bathroom. Unfortunately it is also one of the most expensive. People who have made a decision that … Continue Reading

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