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Beautiful Shower Inspirations for Your Bathroom Remodel

The idea behind a bathroom remodel – or even a bathroom addition – is that it not only improves the function of the space but its appearance as well. As the shower is such an important part of any bathroom it is certainly one of the elements that is probably due for an overhaul bit before you … Continue Reading

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Finishing a Remodel the Right Way – A Must Do Checklist

When you are in the middle of a remodeling project, even a small one, it really can feel as if it will never end. And yet one day it does and the contractors are packing up their stuff for good and saying their final goodbyes. Before you wave them off though you should make sure … Continue Reading

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3 Easy Fixes that can Turn a Drab Hallway into a Fab One

What do you think that visitors to your home really think once they walk through the front door? Are they wowed or totally underwhelmed? Does the all important entrance to your home – in the form of your hallway or foyer – match up to the rest of the decor in your home or does … Continue Reading

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Great Reasons to Consider a Basement Kitchen

For those even considering a basement remodel there are lots of uses that they can choose from when it comes to the uses of the actual finished space. A home office, a casual den, a basement bar and an increasingly popular choice among homeowners, a basement kitchen. Why Add a Basement Kitchen? As almost every … Continue Reading

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Amazingly Clever and Creative Ways to Disguise Pesky Power Cords

Our homes are filled with tons of neat electronic gadgets. Computers, big screen TVs, video game consoles, floor lamps so that you can achieve that ‘layered lighting look’ that every interior designer says a home should have. All of this is great but many of us do struggle with one problem, hiding all of those … Continue Reading

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Green is the Hot Home Decor Trend for 2014, but Can You Pull it Off?

These days if someone were to tell you that they planned on ‘greening their home’ you would probably assume that they meant they were making environmentally friendly improvements. And while that is a good thing and something to be encouraged it could also mean that the person is contemplating trying what id predicted to be … Continue Reading

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Making the Most of Your Forgotten Stairway Space

Staircases are one of those spaces in many homes that tend to get very little attention in the decorating department, at least compared to the rest of the home. This is actually a great shame as it is, in many homes, a great blank canvas that you can do a great deal with surprisingly easily. … Continue Reading

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Should You Hire a Professional to Install New Kitchen Counter Tops or Do – It – Yourself?

With so many options for kitchen countertops to choose from these days how can you possibly decide which is right option for you to use in your kitchen remodel? And should you try to install them yourself (after all it looks easy on those home shows) or call in a professional kitchen counter top installer … Continue Reading

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What Type of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Most people would agree that a beautiful hardwood floor (or floors) make a wonderful addition to any home, both from a visual standpoint and in terms of increasing the perceived value of the property. Once you have made the decision to have hardwood flooring installed in your home there is another big decision to make; … Continue Reading

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Interior Design Styles Explained – Shabby Chic Decor

Interior decor trends really do come but there is one that has remained popular since the nineteen eighties and continues to be one of the hottest – shabby chic. Shabby chic celebrates everything that is not modern and sterile, created by using older looking (but not necessarily old) ,distressed items to create a kind of classic … Continue Reading

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