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The Advantages of Variable Speed Pool Pumps

  Are you gearing up for another great summer around the backyard pool? If so, in addition to the big clean you might want to give your pool pump a second look. A great many pool pumps, however useful they might be are also very wasteful when it comes to energy consumption. In some cases … Continue Reading

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Hot Swimming Pool Trends for Your Consideration

A backyard pool is just that – a place to exercise, hang out or just basically splash around. Those who own one usually do just what they have to maintain it and other than that give very little thought to. Some people though are taking their pools – big and small – to a whole … Continue Reading

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Pool Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Back Garden into a Relaxing Oasis

A swimming pool is a great addition to any back garden. It can provide you with the exercise you have been meaning to start doing for years, add an extra element of fun to your warm weather social gatherings and just generally make your whole home feel more functional and fun (not to mention increase … Continue Reading

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Why You Should Consider Glass Fencing for Your Pool Right Now

Is your back yard pool properly fenced off? If the answer is no that may soon get you into some legal hot water. The Sport and Recreation Minister’s Council (SRMC) are in the process of developing national pool fencing legislation that will , they hope, save lives in the face of the news that accidental … Continue Reading

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