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Using Crown Molding, Coffered Ceilings and Chair Rails to Give a Boring Room Personality

  The one problem with the overall design of many modern new homes is that they are simply rather plain and somewhat lacking in character. If you are into stark modernism that may be great, but if not, you may be looking for ways to give a newer space a little bit of its own … Continue Reading

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Home Decor Tips – Choosing the Right Rug for Your Living Room

Hardwood and tile floors in the living room can be great. They are usually easier to maintain than carpet and at least a little more durable. What they are not however is very warm and sometimes just the right thing to soften the look a little as well as add a little warmth is a … Continue Reading

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Do You Have to Live with Grimy Grout if You Have Tile Floors?

  If you have a tile floor in your home the chances are good that your biggest frustration with it is grimy grout. In most cases it can seem to homeowners that no matter how often they clean their floor, however meticulous they are about it, that the grout somehow seems to get dirtier every … Continue Reading

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Adding a Beautiful Oriental Rug to Your Home for Less

You would love a great quality Oriental rug. You look at the all the time in those glossy home decor magazines and by now you have long picked out just the right spot for one. But can you really afford one? There is no doubt that a good Oriental rug will cost considerably more than … Continue Reading

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The Many Advantages of Solar Fairy Lights for Christmas and Beyond

Every year, when Christmas is coming, we all head up to the loft to retrieve the fairy lights for the Christmas tree, almost without thinking. However, fairy lights are so much more than holiday decorations, especially if you choose eco-friendly, free to run solar fairy lights. The first fairy lights appeared in the mid nineteenth … Continue Reading

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Rethinking Your Dream Remodeling Ideas Can Make Them Affordable

Actually remodeling any space in your home as opposed to just redecorating can be an expensive prospect and for that reason it is one that a lot of people delay and delay until they feel that they can really afford to make the home improvements they feel their home needs. There are though some home … Continue Reading

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Pendant Lighting – A Great Way to Add The Right Illumination to Any Room

Pendant lighting and pendant lamps are a very popular addition to the lighting schemes in homes everywhere these days. And for many very good reasons. Pendant lighting, which usually consists of a single light that is suspended from the ceiling by a rod or a chain is hugely versatile. Pendant lights come in so many … Continue Reading

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Making the Most of Your Forgotten Stairway Space

Staircases are one of those spaces in many homes that tend to get very little attention in the decorating department, at least compared to the rest of the home. This is actually a great shame as it is, in many homes, a great blank canvas that you can do a great deal with surprisingly easily. … Continue Reading

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What Type of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Most people would agree that a beautiful hardwood floor (or floors) make a wonderful addition to any home, both from a visual standpoint and in terms of increasing the perceived value of the property. Once you have made the decision to have hardwood flooring installed in your home there is another big decision to make; … Continue Reading

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Getting Fresh, Clean and Tasty Drinking Water with a Water Purifier

The sole purpose of a water purifier of any kind is to remove contaminants from water the flows into a home that is to be used for drinking or cooking purposes. Although they all serve the same basic function, there are in fact a number of different types of water purifier that can be used … Continue Reading

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