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Home Decor Tips – Choosing the Right Rug for Your Living Room

Hardwood and tile floors in the living room can be great. They are usually easier to maintain than carpet and at least a little more durable. What they are not however is very warm and sometimes just the right thing to soften the look a little as well as add a little warmth is a … Continue Reading

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Adding a Beautiful Oriental Rug to Your Home for Less

You would love a great quality Oriental rug. You look at the all the time in those glossy home decor magazines and by now you have long picked out just the right spot for one. But can you really afford one? There is no doubt that a good Oriental rug will cost considerably more than … Continue Reading

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Rethinking Your Dream Remodeling Ideas Can Make Them Affordable

Actually remodeling any space in your home as opposed to just redecorating can be an expensive prospect and for that reason it is one that a lot of people delay and delay until they feel that they can really afford to make the home improvements they feel their home needs. There are though some home … Continue Reading

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What Type of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Most people would agree that a beautiful hardwood floor (or floors) make a wonderful addition to any home, both from a visual standpoint and in terms of increasing the perceived value of the property. Once you have made the decision to have hardwood flooring installed in your home there is another big decision to make; … Continue Reading

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Every Day Carpet Cleaning Tips – Vacuuming the Right Way

Regular vacuuming is a must between professional carpet cleaning and it is a task that needs to undertaken at least a few times a week. What many people do not realize is that there is actually a right and wrong way to vacuum your carpets. Seriously, there really is more to vacuuming your carpets properly … Continue Reading

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Funky Flooring Options That Are As Creative As They Are Cool

Choosing just the right flooring for a room is a very important part of creating its overall look and vibe. There are lots of great options out there – carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl – but what happens when people really start thinking outside the box and create flooring that is unique to say the least. … Continue Reading

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The Perils and Pitfalls of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Even if you hoover your carpets religiously the simple fact is that a day will come when that is no longer enough. At this point it is fairly obvious to any homeowner that a deeper cleaning is called for. Some people though balk at the idea of calling in a professional carpet cleaning service and … Continue Reading

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Get The Luxury Bathroom Look You Want for Less with a New Kind of Ceramic Tile

A hardwood floor  is a beautiful addition to any home but there are certain spaces that they are sadly just not really suited for, the bathroom being the first that comes to mind.  The continual moisture level in the average bathroom, even if that bathroom is very well ventilated is just not wood friendly. Very often hardwood floors in … Continue Reading

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Hot Green Flooring Trends in 2012

Thinking about new flooring and sick of the same old carpets and tile? If so you are far from alone. A growing number of homeowners are thinking “outside the box” and opting for more unusual (and eco friendly) options instead. Here is a little about some of the hottest and greenest flooring trends in 2012 … Continue Reading

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Ceramic Floor Tile Pattern Options to Consider for Your Home

The way in which you have your tradesman lay your new ceramic tile flooring (or for the brave do – it – yourself) can really completely change the finished look and effect every bit as much as the colour or patterning of the ceramic tiles themselves. Most homeowners immediately opt for the most common flooring … Continue Reading

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