Choosing the Right Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Summer is the perfect time for making the most of the good weather and taking your meals outdoors instead of being stuck in a hot kitchen or stuffy dining room to eat. These days more and more people are taking that idea to the next level and creating an complete outdoor kitchen that truly allows … Continue Reading

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Simple Recipe Ideas for the Budding Fire Pit Chef

A fire pit can be a great addition to the average back yard, both for practical and decorative purposes. One of the great uses you can put a fire pit to is to prepare some rather delicious food. The one thing that may surprise you is that not only can you whip up an impressive menu to … Continue Reading

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Perfect Wine Storage Without a Wine Cellar

Most people who enjoy a glass of wine or two on a regular basis would not claim to be sommeliers by any stretch of the imagination. A great many of them would like to think though that they are storing the wine they keep on hand in their home in the right way, especially if … Continue Reading

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Canberra Hosts the World’s Biggest Residential Christmas Lights Display

If you read our last post then you hopefully picked up some great Christmas lighting tips. One couple who would not need them though are David and Janean Richards from Canberra. In 2011 their cracking Christmas lights broke the World Record for the largest number of Christmas lights as well as raised money for SIDS … Continue Reading

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Christmas Lighting for Sunnier Climes

It is all very well flicking through magazines and sites on the Internet looking for Christmas decorating ideas for the exterior of your home but all too many of them assume that there will be lots of snow around to act as a natural decor accent because they are created and published where the stuff … Continue Reading

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Christmas Lunch for $10 a Person? It Can Be Done!

Still planning your Christmas lunch but trying to keep the costs down? In this great video Head chef and Ready Steady Cook’s Damian Heads heads into the kitchen of Steel Bar and Grill to cook a Christmas lunch for less than $10 per person. Not possible? Have a look, they manage to do and it … Continue Reading

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The Dos and Don’ts of Serving – and Storing – Wine

There is something very special about the simple act of enjoying a glass or two of wine with a great meal at the end of a long day. When you drink it in moderation wine (especially the reds) has been proven to offer all kinds of health benefits.Wine has now been found to potentially help … Continue Reading

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Entertaining with Ease: Throw an Appetizers Only New Year’s Bash

After all the effort you put into Christmas dinner chances are that you really do not want to have to start all over again and prepare a huge amount of fancy food for your New Year’s celebrations. But you still have to offer guests something to eat. That is why an appetizer party can be … Continue Reading

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Christmas Entertaining – Home Bartender’s Basics

Christmas is a time for parties and get togethers and the one thing you do need if you will be entertaining at all (even if it is just the neighbours stopping by for a few hours) is a well stocked bar. But what does that consist of these days. Here are some bar essentials we … Continue Reading

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Great Homemade Jack O’ Lantern Ideas for Halloween

Its almost that time of year again – Halloween. Different cultures all over the world see the night differently but in Australia it is increasingly being seen as a good excuse for a party and a bit of scary fun. There are a lot of decorations and scary extras available in the shops right now … Continue Reading

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