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Easy, Affordable Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Giving your bathroom a facelift and staying within a limited budget is not only possible, it is simple if you plan carefully, are willing to shop around and have some time to invest in doing the some of the work on your own. As a matter of fact, you can have the bathroom of your … Continue Reading

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Getting Fresh, Clean and Tasty Drinking Water with a Water Purifier

The sole purpose of a water purifier of any kind is to remove contaminants from water the flows into a home that is to be used for drinking or cooking purposes. Although they all serve the same basic function, there are in fact a number of different types of water purifier that can be used … Continue Reading

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Easy French Style Bathroom Decorating Tips

There really are all kinds of home decor styles you could choose for any room in your home and that doors include the bathroom. All too often people forget that it is a space – especially since it is such a well used area of your home – that deserves to be styled like any … Continue Reading

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Home Tricks – Unlock a Bathroom Door Without Calling a Locksmith

Most homeowners with kids – and many without – have come up against this home scenario at least once; a bathroom door gets locked accidentally. Whether someone is inside or not, a non accessible bathroom, especially if it is the only one available, is a bit of a nightmare to say the least. And if … Continue Reading

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DIY Tricks to Unblock a Toilet

A blocked toilet is, lets be honest, one of the worst plumbing problems to have. Especially if it is later at night or on the weekend when the problem is discovered, times when a good plumber can be hard (and very expensive) to come by. The first thing that every homeowner tries is a good … Continue Reading

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Bring the Spa Home with a New Luxury Bathtub

Most of us like a nice soak in the bath, at least once in a while. Showers are great when you are runhing to get off to work but baths are still much nicer if you have the time. The idea of turning your own bathroom into a spa of sorts is one that has … Continue Reading

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One Simple Trick to Maintaining a Clean Shower Without Scrubbing

Ceramic tile showers are becoming more and more popular, for the most part because they are absolutely beautiful to behold and function very well. In fact those homeowners who have opted to upgrade their bathroom by having a ceramic tiled shower installed (or were lucky to enough to have inherited one) usually only have one … Continue Reading

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Easy Bathroom Upgrades that Will Change Your Life

Upgrading your bathroom does not have to mean a complete re-do and there are some great upgrades that can really positively impact any bathroom, improving both its overall look and function. These simple home  improvements can be made for a relatively small investment but the difference they will make to you day to day life … Continue Reading

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