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Hot Green Flooring Trends in 2012

Thinking about new flooring and sick of the same old carpets and tile? If so you are far from alone. A growing number of homeowners are thinking “outside the box” and opting for more unusual (and eco friendly) options instead. Here is a little about some of the hottest and greenest flooring trends in 2012 … Continue Reading

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Why Your Carpets Need More Tender Loving Care

Do you have the carpets in your home cleaned regularly? And by regularly we mean at least once a year not every third Christmas when the in laws are coming for Christmas. if you answered no then you are far from alone. The fact is most homeowners tend to vacuum and spot clean if someone … Continue Reading

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Choosing the Right Carpet Colour

So you have finally decided that it is time to rip up that nasty old stuff and you are ready to splash out on some nice new carpeting. On the way to choosing just the right carpet you have a lot of decisions to make – texture, manufacturer, actual cost per square foot – but … Continue Reading

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