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DIY Ideas – Rehabbing and Repainting Furniture

Walk into most of the big furniture shops these days and you will no doubt find some great stuff, but it will often look pretty generic and rather unoriginal. For some people that is not really an issue, they want a no fuss home decor scheme that simply looks neat, tidy and functional. Others however … Continue Reading

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Great DIY Paper Home Decor

Decorative paper is for more than just wrapping gifts. Even if you have never really thought of yourself as a crafty person (as in someone who likes crafts, not someone of dodgy character 🙂 ) take a look at a few of these ideas for using decorative paper (and just plain old paper) to create … Continue Reading

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Easy DIY Projects – Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

For some homeowners however much they love their modern new house they can’t help being more than a little disappointed that in fact from the outside it looks very much like all of the houses in the street (and the next street over come to that matter) not bad, just rather bland. There are some … Continue Reading

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