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Feng Shui Decorating For a Smaller Living Space

Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years in the Far East but it is only over the past few decades that the rest of the world has really taken an interest. Applying its sometimes complicated principles to a large home can be challenging but If you are faced with the challenge of applying … Continue Reading

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Using Crown Molding, Coffered Ceilings and Chair Rails to Give a Boring Room Personality

  The one problem with the overall design of many modern new homes is that they are simply rather plain and somewhat lacking in character. If you are into stark modernism that may be great, but if not, you may be looking for ways to give a newer space a little bit of its own … Continue Reading

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Getting Fresh, Clean and Tasty Drinking Water with a Water Purifier

The sole purpose of a water purifier of any kind is to remove contaminants from water the flows into a home that is to be used for drinking or cooking purposes. Although they all serve the same basic function, there are in fact a number of different types of water purifier that can be used … Continue Reading

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Fast Fixes for Boring Home Decor

DIY and home improvement can be both expensive and time consuming, two reasons why many people put such tasks off for as long as possible. There are some simple things you can do that are not like this at all though and at most will cost you a few dollars and a day or so … Continue Reading

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Outdoor Solar Lighting Basics – The Affordable Way To Light Up a Landscape in Style

Adequate outdoor lighting is a must for most people when it comes to the outdoor areas around their homes and businesses but it is not always easy to install it and it is certainly never cheap. Outdoor solar lights are fast becoming the best alternative to traditional electric powered outdoor lights because they are more … Continue Reading

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Infographic – Selling Furniture Via the Classifieds

More and more people are discovering how convenient online classified ad sites like Craigslist and GumTree are for buying and selling almost anything. And some sellers do tend to embellish a little, as many a buyer has discovered. Having shopped for furniture at these sites before, as soon as we saw this infographic we knew it had to be shared: Related … Continue Reading

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Common Gutter Problems That Regular Maintenance Can Prevent or Solve

The gutters that run around your home are its single best defense against water damage. However they can only do their job if they are properly maintained. Most homeowners understand the importance of clearing their gutters of debris (even if they are not always very good at keeping up with the task) but clogged gutters … Continue Reading

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Decorating Dos and Don’ts Part 2 – The Dos and Don’ts of Home Decor Colour Schemes

The colours that you chose to decorate the various different spaces in your home can really make or break the overall look of the place . Here then are some very simple do’s and don’ts that are well worth keeping in mind when you are choosing colours for your next home decorating or redecorating project: … Continue Reading

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Decorating Dos and Don’ts Part 1 – The Basics

This week we are going back to the basics – the basics of home decorating that is. Decorating your home is deeply personal – what looks great and works well in someone elses home may look horrible in yours. Having said that though there are some elements of home décor that are pretty standard. So with … Continue Reading

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Do’s and Dont’s Of Home Decorating Part 2: Choosing Your Colours

The colours that you choose for use all over your home can truly make or break the space, no matter what other elements you choose to incorporate. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind as you are choosing new colours for your next home improvement project: DO learn about the … Continue Reading

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