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Home Improvement and Your Pet’s Safety

A big home improvement or remodeling project can, and usually does disrupt life for everyone in the household for a while and that of course includes your pets. And while you can explain to even the youngest kids just why all the upheaval is necessary, your pets are just not going to understand. All they … Continue Reading

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Watching the Little Details when Planing a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling remains the number one home improvement project planned by homeowners for 2014 and such projects, when properly executed, still offer a great return on your investment. In planning a kitchen remodel though there are some seemingly very small details that can be forgotten that if overlooked could make quite a big difference to … Continue Reading

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Why So Many Homeowners Put off Home Improvements – And Why that is a Mistake

Everyone who owns their own home knows that protecting what is probably their their biggest investment is a priority. And there are very few homeowners who don’t glow with at least a little bit of pride when guests come over and compliment them on their wonderful kitchen/bathroom/back garden/ home in general. So with all that … Continue Reading

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