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Great Reasons Why Laminate Counter Tops Deserve a Second Look

In a time when granite and natural stone counter tops are all the rage in popular decor magazines laminate counter tops have got something of a bad rap recently. In some people’s minds a laminate counter top means something that is outdated and looks “cheap”. Modern laminates are very different from their old fashioned counterparts … Continue Reading

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Adding Style to a Smaller Kitchen

Often if you have a larger kitchen making it look good and function well is a challenge but not too much so, especially if you have the help of a good kitchen remodeling tradesman. However, if you have less space to work with things can get a little trickier. Because of the limited space and … Continue Reading

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Last Minute Kitchen Remodel Checklist

You have been planning and saving for months, if not years. Now you are finally ready for a brand new kitchen and cannot wait for the tradesmen to come in and start ripping out all those old kitchen cupboards and workbenches and replace them with newer, shinier, better looking and more functional upgrades. There is … Continue Reading

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