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Why Hiring Your Mates to Help You Remodel Could Cost You

If you, as a homeowner, are considering commissioning a smaller home remodeling project – something like installing new bathroom or kitchen fixtures, replacing a couple of doors or repainting the living room it can be very tempting to turn to a “handy friend” to help you (because they will do the job for a case … Continue Reading

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Choosing the Best Colours for Your Home

Is it really possible that the colours in a room can change the way its occupants feel? And that those feelings will change from person to person? According to most interior designers the answer is a resounding yes. You see colour is a very personal thing. You may love red curtains in the dining room … Continue Reading

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Where to Get Trusted Tradesmen for the Job

Starting up a home renovation project is something that requires attention.  It’s not something that can be decided and done overnight.  For the project to be successful, there are several things that one should consider before starting. A good plan for the renovation is the starting point.  Upon deciding what part or area of the house … Continue Reading

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